How to Clean a Hot Tub

By April Brewster Smythe

One of the foundations of sound and effective hot tub care is learning the steps to take to continue to keep a hot tub clean.   When consumers decide to purchase a hot tub the most often stated reasons are for fun and relaxation.   The best way to enjoy both is to own a hot tub that is running at optimum performance levels.   Following the next three steps will go a long way in helping to achieve those top performance levels.

1)      Sanitize the water:    This is the most vital step that is necessary to take in order to have a great running hot tub.   Today, the easiest way to perform this vital step is to purchase gradually dissolving chlorine or bromine based chemicals that are typically in table form.   Some consumers also use sanitizing agents made from silver ions and coppers and other chemicals, but the need for chlorine or bromine is still necessary.  There are other options that can be used to sanitize a hot tub and a hot tub expert would be able to give an excellent overview of these methods.  Click here for contact information.

2)      Balance the water:  Since sanitizing the water is the most important step in keeping a high performing hot tub in optimum shape, balancing the water is a necessity.  In order to balance the water, a litmus-style test strip can be used to gauge the sanitation and acid levels in an adroit manner.   Once this information is gathered adding low levels of acid or base to the water will attain the goal of balance.  

3)      Filter the water:   Hot tubs, on the whole, have built in structures that mechanically filter the water with expendable filter cartridges.   Filter cartridges must be kept clean and replaced on a regular basis in order for the hot tub to run properly and at peak levels.   An expert hot tub professional can help the homeowner decide between depth style and pleated style filters.  In order to contact a professional, click here.

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