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The Ultimate Hot Tub Resource – Step Four

Hot Tubs:  Features and Placement

By April Brewster Smythe
There are many reasons why homeowners choose to install a hot tub or spa in their homes.  But, the two most often named motivations are relaxation and recreation.   Because these reasons are paramount, the features of a hot tub and the placement of the hot tub in the home must be given consideration and thought.
In many ways where a homeowner or a business places a hot tub can be as varied as the imagination allows.   Hot tubs have been known to be placed next to pools in high-end hotels, up on the roofs of those who love the sky and real-time privacy, in the woods where the sounds of wild birds and climate changes can add to the hot tub experience or on the top of a mountain for many of the same reasons.  There is even a hot tub hanging from a bridge somewhere in Switzerland for those who love the thrill of heights amid bubbling heat!

On the whole, though, approximately ninety percent of homeowners locate their hot tubs on the outside of their homes because of the ease of installation and low cost maintenance.

Hot tub features have become sophisticated and user friendly in the past five years.   Today’s hot tub will include anything from seductive lighting, to stereo sound arrangements.   The comfort of the individual homeowner is a priority, and so customized head rests, along with special jet sprays are offered.  If the homeowner decides to place their hot tub inside the home, most hot tub experts will advise a well-maintained ventilation system to guard against mildew and rot.

The savvy homeowner who is in the market for hot tubs must be aware of the importance of giving advance thought to hot tub placement and features for the best hot tub ownership experience.   Click here for more information on keeping a hot tub maintained and in optimum condition as the years roll by.

The Ultimate Hot Tub Resource – Step Three

A Hot Tub Maintenance Plan
By April Brewster Smythe

The installation and ownership of a hot tub or spa is a dream come true for so many.  This relaxing and recreational retreat in a home is the utmost in luxurious living.    However, it is important to look at those areas that need diligent maintenance on a regular basis.
Here are four recommended actions that are maintenance requirements for the hot tub owner.

Take Care of the Hot Tub Cover!    After all, it can’t take care of itself, and to insure long life, regular cover care is a necessity.  It is imperative to use the correct protectant for the outside vinyl and inside area of the hot tub cover.   Companies that specialize in hot tub repair and maintenance can recommend the best known protectant to repel dirt from the cover top, and reduce mildew buildup.  It is essential to clean the cover completely before applying the protectant.  Before applying the protectant, cool water cleansing using soap, not detergent is recommended.

Clean, and Replace Filter Cartridges!   What is the first rule of filter maintenance?  Clean the filter with every water change (twice a year) and keep the filter clog free at all times.  If a filter gets clogged or polluted it will not be able to trap the impurities in the water.   As a hot tub owner, two filters should always be on hand.  This way the filter rotation system can be used while cleaning the dirty filter.  Remember to completely change the filter on a yearly basis for optimum performance.

Replacing the Water!    As a hot tub owner, a familiarity with the letters TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) is a necessary addition to a vocabulary.  These total dissolved solids will amplify over time due to non-organic contaminants and salty perspiration.  This is why draining the water of the hot tub should take place every 2-4 months.    A supply of TDS test strips can be obtained in order to check the levels on a regular basis.

Winter is Coming!  One of the joys of owning a hot tub or spa can be kicking back in that hot, bubbling water even when the outside weather is frightful!   This is why many hot tub owners keep their hot tubs running year round and do not close down their hot tubs during the winter months.

However, those who do wish to do so should seek the advice and involvement of a hot tub service professional who can help with the sometimes complicated task of either shutting down the hot tub for winter or insuring that no damage is done due to freeze damage.   Click here for more information.


The Ultimate Hot Tub Resource – Step Two

By April Brewster Smythe

It is well-known that stress is one of the most prominent identifiers when it comes to illness and unhealthy lifestyles.  Stress leads to increased negative lifestyle choices, such as isolation, overeating, and lack of exercise.

Many experts agree that the addition of a hot tub or spa to a family home, may not only be a luxury, but a necessity for those individuals who are seeking a relaxing and soothing retreat from a stressful, hurried lifestyle.

Here are two factors to take into consideration when choosing a hot tub or spa for your home.

1)      Size – Everyone has different ideas for their hot tub or spa.   If the hot tub or spa is going to be used primarily for private, retreat-filled moments, a two person tub that can contain around two-hundred and fifty gallons of water may be just right.   However, if the hot tub or spa will be a place for family and friends, investing in a hot tub or spa that can comfortably accommodate six adults will be a better choice.  These units hold up to five hundred gallons of water and a median heating bill for this size will add approximately twelve dollars a month to a bill.   Remember change of water will have to take place twice a year and at these times a water bill will show this usage.

2)      Materials – The first hot tubs and spas were made from wood, plaster, or tile and are still being used in longstanding homes.   Today, however, a consumer will normally find that acrylic is the customary material used.   Hot tubs and spas are found in a wide variety of colors, primarily in the pastel category to add to a relaxing and soothing atmosphere.   The central component of the materials that are used today is the strength of the product.    These materials also lend themselves to ease when it comes to maintenance and repair.

Every hot tub and spa will need maintenance and repair at a future time.  Click here for more information on maintenance and repair timelines.


The Ultimate Hot Tub Resource – Step One

By April Brewster Smythe

The 21st century has brought the consumer a host of choices when it comes to hot tubs.  But, first it is important to understand the basics in order to make an informed purchasing decision.  These days’ hot tubs and spas are made of ready-made plastic in a wide variety of shades.   Hot tubs and spas consumers now have lounging chairs, cup holders, jets.  The hot tub and spa has become a home retreat for many who require a relaxing place to go after a hectic, stress-filled day.

The initial step after deciding to purchase a hot tub or spa is hot tub installation Now that all hot tubs and spas have gone to durable free standing units, they are singularly contained.  The motors, tub, filters and heaters are enclosed in one component.

Here are four steps to hot tub installation;

  1. Site Selection:  Most hot tub or spa consumers have already decided on where they are going to place the hot tub or spa after purchase, but it is important to keep in mind the following; a full tub is heavy, the structural reliability of the area where the hot tub or spa will be placed is of utmost importance, an unreliable area can cancel a warranty in some cases, outdoor hot tubs and spas must have ample drainage, so rain will not fill around the spa.
  2. Surface must be leveled before filling the hot tub or spa with water
  3. Advance access to circuit panels and power sources before installation is paramount.
  4. Available access to the hot tub or spas compartment panel for service after the hot tub or spa is installed.
  5. In-ground hot tubs are much more expensive, but many property holders love the idea of the beauty of this added luxury to their homes.   Hot tub and spa repair services are cognizant of the requirements for this type of addition.

While the choices of hot tubs and spas have grown in the last decade or so, the installation process is really quite simple once the above factors are taken into account.  A water hose and a reliable power supply source can have this relaxing hot tub as a well-appointed adjunct to the home in no time.

Next time, the ultimate hot tub resource will look at hot tub materials.  Please click here for more information on how we can help you understand more about the installation and requirement for hot tub installation.