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These are the services we provide.

Spa Repair

Hot tub service

We also provide:

Digital Equipment

There are many manufacturers of digital equipment, we at Puget Sound Spas Inc. prefer to use original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s), and this is generally preferred.

However there are times when we see a need to replace equipment with other than like kind and either update because of poor OEM’s, non availability or cost effectiveness. In any case of change the upgrade is always at the same quality or better than the original.

Pumps and filtration

There are many different pumps and filtration systems that are manufactured and made available for replacement, but not always are they the best fit or even designed for that particular application.

We usually choose to replace with like kind or we will contact the spa manufacturer for options. In many cases we can alternate between manufacturers to install a mechanically correct product and even for a lesser cost.

Ground preparation

Spa ServiceWhen a spa is purchased this is just the beginning of the project. What happens now?
For over 25 years of selling and installing spas the ground work is just as important as the purchase of the spa. What does the spa sit on? How is it powered up? How do we get in it? And the biggest question: What will it look like when completed and will I be happy?
Example 1:
Mr. and/or Mrs. Blank have decided that they want their spa on a concrete pad, we pour the pad. They then want landscaping all around in a very natural setting with only a step entry into the spa. This means all electrical is buried as not to be seen.
Example 2:
They have decided to place the spa on a concrete pad with a deck on two sides; now we start to look at what part of the project starts first then second and so on. We have concrete, electrical and decking all of which happens in a process that needs to work in unison of each other.
It may be as simple as a bit of shovel work or the need for heavy equipment like a backhoe or bobcat; we do it all. Decks, Concrete, Electrical, etc, the entire project is planned step by step to insure success so nothing is overlooked. This is what we specialize in for over 25 years.

Outdoor kitchens

Besides spa service, we also provide outdoor kitchens. There is nothing like having your own backyard oasis. Bar B Que centers, covered cook centers etc. complete with stereos, refrigerators, microwaves, flat screen TV’s with cable. Custom built roasting and rotisserie pits.
At Puget Sound Spas we can build your backyard get away the way you want. We build them out of steel or wood, granite or river rock maybe a bit of it all. Fully plumbed with hot running water and sinks to.
You decide on the features and if you want ideas we can help you plan it all from beginning to end. Our metal and wood fabrication shop can handle most projects without the need for outsourcing.

Electrical services

Spa repairs in many cases need electrical repair work this is an area in which we specialize. It can be a simple burned wire or an entire melt down what ever the circumstance’s we are a “Washington State Licensed Electrical Contractor”. Repairs, lighting, main panel work, GFCI’s, hook ups, etc; we are here to help you and get the job done and do it legally to code.
As time goes by the Electrical requirements change subtly and in order to comply with  the law modifications are necessary especially for equipment manufacturers, this is for the consumers safety. Updating is important!
After all when you are in your spa surrounded by water, powered by a minimum of 110 volts (usually 240 volts) it is a comforting thought to know you are protected. Electrical installations, electrical upgrades and code updates which includes spa wiring for new and used spa installations, saunas and steam rooms, backyard mood lighting, outdoor cook centers, and fireplaces.

Spa Removal

Spa removal is another area in which we help our customers. Many folks will decide to upgrade their spa with a new one, this is where we will disconnect your old spas electrical service and remove and dispose of the old spa.
When the new spa arrives we will update (if required) the electrical service and reconnect to the new spa. We will also start your new spa up so there are no customer responsibilities, fears or liabilities.
If you are not upgrading by getting a new spa and simply want the one on site removed or transported to another location we will meet your needs. We provide a boom truck service for installation and/or removal of spas with a complete disposal service.

Metal Shop and Wood Shop

The shop also consists of metal fabrication equipment for welding, drilling, and cutting. Plasma cutting, horizontal saw cutting @ 60 degrees left or right. Round, square, rectangular stock solid or tube, angle and pipe. Welding includes (Arc, Mig, and Tig). Metals include: Stainless steel, cold rolled and hot rolled steel, aluminum, copper, brass and limited capabilities in titanium.

We also have a wood shop which can fabricate custom wood products.

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