Spa repair

Spa repair

Spa repair

Spa repair covers not only electrical issues but mechanical as well, such as pumps and filtration systems. Diagnosing electrical issues such as digital electronics and analog are performed as well.

Repairs in some cases can exceed the value of the spa which will also be brought to the customer’s attention therefore a decision will have to be made on the project.

Here are some of the most common problems people have with spas and how to fix spas:

  • Spa has no power

We can check the switches, fuse, and input wiring to determine the cause and what you need for your spa repair services. Spa electrical installation and  Spa electrical hookup can be very dangerous and should be done by a licensed professional, such as Puget Sound Spas, Inc.

  • Spa is on but has no heat

When the spa does not get hot, you can trust us to diagnose the issue. It could be as simple as the thermostat or otherwise there may be pressure switch and heater relay issues or problems with the filter cartridge.

  • Spa is too hot

When your spa has too much heat then you may need to examine the spa side control and thermostat. If this does not solve the issue, a spa repair service for the heater contractor may be necessarily.

  • Spa has low pressure

If you are experiencing reduced water flow then it may be time to replace your filter cartridge or spa pump.

Spa pump repair

Spa repair on all manufactures of pumps are offered.

This involves troubleshooting and repairing spa pumps. We know how to fix and repair spa pumps, but it is sometimes much easier to replace the spa pumps.  This can fix spa problems with no water flow and pump motor humming.

Fix Spa Leaks

When a temporary leak sealer is not enough.

There are several components that can cause spa leaks to happen. We can find leaky pipe connections, leak detection, repair shell cracks or vessel leaks to stop spa leaking.

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