Free Spa Care Tips

Water Care

Water care is essential to the longevity to your spas mechanical well being as it is to your health.

Water chemistry is quite simple;

Total Alkalinity Level: 80-120 ppm.
P.H.  Level: 7.4-8.4 ppm.
Calcium Level: 240 ppm.

Bromine, Chlorine or Salt Generated systems require info for the size of spa and per manufacturer’s requirements, call us and we will get you the info needed.

Filter Care

Filter care is as important to the system as the water chemistry is. One should clean the filter depending upon the usage as follows:

Spa is used once or twice daily: Clean filter weekly.
Spa is used twice a week: Clean filter every 1-2 weeks.
Spa is seldom used: Clean every 2 weeks regardless.

Water Rotation

Rotation of water is also important: With an Ozonater or a Corona Discharge you should empty and refill once every 3 months, without either device it should be every 2 months.

If you have a Salt Generator then you will need to refer to your owner’s manual for proper care.
Filtering cycles all depend upon usage. Cold weather operation (below freezing) is simple it is the same as all other care procedures with one exception: run continually, if there is a power outage DO NOT
OPEN THE COVER. If you open it valuable heat storage can be lost, wait until your power is restored.

More specific tips available.

These tips are general guidelines for all, your particular system and location may have specific requirements, if in question contact us so we may help you for your spa care.

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