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The Ultimate Hot Tub Resource – Step Three

A Hot Tub Maintenance Plan
By April Brewster Smythe

The installation and ownership of a hot tub or spa is a dream come true for so many.  This relaxing and recreational retreat in a home is the utmost in luxurious living.    However, it is important to look at those areas that need diligent maintenance on a regular basis.
Here are four recommended actions that are maintenance requirements for the hot tub owner.

Take Care of the Hot Tub Cover!    After all, it can’t take care of itself, and to insure long life, regular cover care is a necessity.  It is imperative to use the correct protectant for the outside vinyl and inside area of the hot tub cover.   Companies that specialize in hot tub repair and maintenance can recommend the best known protectant to repel dirt from the cover top, and reduce mildew buildup.  It is essential to clean the cover completely before applying the protectant.  Before applying the protectant, cool water cleansing using soap, not detergent is recommended.

Clean, and Replace Filter Cartridges!   What is the first rule of filter maintenance?  Clean the filter with every water change (twice a year) and keep the filter clog free at all times.  If a filter gets clogged or polluted it will not be able to trap the impurities in the water.   As a hot tub owner, two filters should always be on hand.  This way the filter rotation system can be used while cleaning the dirty filter.  Remember to completely change the filter on a yearly basis for optimum performance.

Replacing the Water!    As a hot tub owner, a familiarity with the letters TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) is a necessary addition to a vocabulary.  These total dissolved solids will amplify over time due to non-organic contaminants and salty perspiration.  This is why draining the water of the hot tub should take place every 2-4 months.    A supply of TDS test strips can be obtained in order to check the levels on a regular basis.

Winter is Coming!  One of the joys of owning a hot tub or spa can be kicking back in that hot, bubbling water even when the outside weather is frightful!   This is why many hot tub owners keep their hot tubs running year round and do not close down their hot tubs during the winter months.

However, those who do wish to do so should seek the advice and involvement of a hot tub service professional who can help with the sometimes complicated task of either shutting down the hot tub for winter or insuring that no damage is done due to freeze damage.   Click here for more information.


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