Ultimate Hot Tub Resource

The Ultimate Hot Tub Resource – Step Two

By April Brewster Smythe

It is well-known that stress is one of the most prominent identifiers when it comes to illness and unhealthy lifestyles.  Stress leads to increased negative lifestyle choices, such as isolation, overeating, and lack of exercise.

Many experts agree that the addition of a hot tub or spa to a family home, may not only be a luxury, but a necessity for those individuals who are seeking a relaxing and soothing retreat from a stressful, hurried lifestyle.

Here are two factors to take into consideration when choosing a hot tub or spa for your home.

1)      Size – Everyone has different ideas for their hot tub or spa.   If the hot tub or spa is going to be used primarily for private, retreat-filled moments, a two person tub that can contain around two-hundred and fifty gallons of water may be just right.   However, if the hot tub or spa will be a place for family and friends, investing in a hot tub or spa that can comfortably accommodate six adults will be a better choice.  These units hold up to five hundred gallons of water and a median heating bill for this size will add approximately twelve dollars a month to a bill.   Remember change of water will have to take place twice a year and at these times a water bill will show this usage.

2)      Materials – The first hot tubs and spas were made from wood, plaster, or tile and are still being used in longstanding homes.   Today, however, a consumer will normally find that acrylic is the customary material used.   Hot tubs and spas are found in a wide variety of colors, primarily in the pastel category to add to a relaxing and soothing atmosphere.   The central component of the materials that are used today is the strength of the product.    These materials also lend themselves to ease when it comes to maintenance and repair.

Every hot tub and spa will need maintenance and repair at a future time.  Click here for more information on maintenance and repair timelines.


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