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The Ultimate Hot Tub Resource – Step Four

Hot Tubs:  Features and Placement

By April Brewster Smythe
There are many reasons why homeowners choose to install a hot tub or spa in their homes.  But, the two most often named motivations are relaxation and recreation.   Because these reasons are paramount, the features of a hot tub and the placement of the hot tub in the home must be given consideration and thought.
In many ways where a homeowner or a business places a hot tub can be as varied as the imagination allows.   Hot tubs have been known to be placed next to pools in high-end hotels, up on the roofs of those who love the sky and real-time privacy, in the woods where the sounds of wild birds and climate changes can add to the hot tub experience or on the top of a mountain for many of the same reasons.  There is even a hot tub hanging from a bridge somewhere in Switzerland for those who love the thrill of heights amid bubbling heat!

On the whole, though, approximately ninety percent of homeowners locate their hot tubs on the outside of their homes because of the ease of installation and low cost maintenance.

Hot tub features have become sophisticated and user friendly in the past five years.   Today’s hot tub will include anything from seductive lighting, to stereo sound arrangements.   The comfort of the individual homeowner is a priority, and so customized head rests, along with special jet sprays are offered.  If the homeowner decides to place their hot tub inside the home, most hot tub experts will advise a well-maintained ventilation system to guard against mildew and rot.

The savvy homeowner who is in the market for hot tubs must be aware of the importance of giving advance thought to hot tub placement and features for the best hot tub ownership experience.   Click here for more information on keeping a hot tub maintained and in optimum condition as the years roll by.

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